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Writer's Block

Hmmm... what to write... what to write? From time to time, those who call themselves writers, composers, songwriters or poets experience that null... that vacuous state of blank-mindedness during which we struggle to finish something, or just to write anything at all. It can be attributed to stress, fear of committing words (or music) to paper, burnout, or to any number of causes. Since this is a universal problem, and since I value too highly the inspiration others confer upon me, I am happy to offer a few suggestions for handling such times.

At the risk of portraying meditation as a panacea for just about every ailment known to man (it's not!) I do highly recommend this method for bringing one's mind back into focus. I know that I sing with greater concentration and refinement immediately after I meditate. I write with less distraction after I meditate. I even cook better, clean the house with greater efficiency-- I may even drive more patiently. Ok, it is a panacea. Just d…