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Final CD production notes and a new label!

Registering copyrights, purchasing mechanical licensing, paying royalties, registering new titles, searching for publishers, answering questions about public much to do before releasing a new album! Now that the recording, editing, mixing and mastering are done, I must be close, right? Not necessarily! But seriously, we ARE close and I expect I will have the final product in my hands within another month. The cover art and liner notes are currently in the design/production stage and that is an exciting process. I absolutely treasure being the producer of my own albums and being able to have the strongest influence on every aspect of the recording, including the artwork design and development. I have hired wonderful photographers and a graphic designer with a gifted eye and a sense for creating something beautiful to match the intent of the music. I am blessed!

Another exciting bit of news is that this new album, "Sweet Youth," will be my debut recording on …