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This hue begets a host of symbolic impressions, depending on the context… Green can represent money, envy, growth, freshness, or youth. It also stands for nature/the environment, and brings to mind chlorophyll-producing plants and algae. In a performance context, the term “green” may describe a person lacking in experience or polish. Kermit the Frog famously remarked “It ain’t easy being green…” which may well be the less-than-ready, immature performer’s mournful reality.

How to avoid being viewed as “green” (in the inexperienced sense) by one’s peers? Pursue study and practice, of course, and always show up fully prepared for each performance. I find that even experienced performers sometimes find themselves feeling a sense of under-readiness when returning to literature they have not performed in several years, or returning to a performance schedule after a long hiatus. In those times, it is imperative to do the necessary preparation “in spades” months before the concert date.