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An Open Letter to Gladys Knight

Dear Ms. Knight,

My husband and I spent a wonderful evening with you a few weeks ago when you performed in Greenville, South Carolina at the Peace Center. What a tremendous show you gave your audience! I marveled at the vibrancy, fullness of tone, and outstanding control that you still have after singing professionally for over fifty years. Forgive my surprise, but there was no trace of the wobble that plagues so many older singers, and you commanded the entire stage with élan and great energy. Your pitch, rhythm, and phrasing were, as always, flawless. I particularly appreciated the rapport you built with your audience and the graciousness that flowed out of you toward us. Young performers should take heed of this--enduring performers APPRECIATE and VALUE their audience members--you thanked us several times when we wanted to be thanking you for enriching our lives with your music, grace and love.

My favorite moments included when you sang a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald--you chose th…